Angel Aquirre – ACEE

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Angel Aquirre – ACEE

Angel Aguirre and ACEE
NMBC has supported this work since 1995

Our first National missionary, Angel Aguirre, is from Ecuador and came to know the Lord at a Bible Study in prison.

After he was released, he felt the Lord directing him into the prison ministry of sharing the scriptures in local prisons. He has established a Rehabilitation Program to train believing prisoners a trade to use in their release back to their homes and communities.

Recently the Ecuadorian Government has asked Angel to extend his ministry to all the prisons in the country. He is training volunteers from local churches to be Bible Study leaders in their local prisons. He is working on the development of the Rehab Program at some of the prisons.

The Director of HCJB (Radio Voice of the Andes) recently asked Angel to be Director of their Theological Studies of the “Christian Academy of the Air”.

The Board of ACEE, a group who oversees Angel’s ministries in Ecuador, has agreed to accept this ministry and Angel as Director. They established a Department of Theological Education of ACEE in which prisoners will be offered theological studies.

Several prisoners have already started these studies. ACEE states:”Our plan is to build greater Bible knowledge and personal growth in the Lord Jesus Christ to walk in His path.”

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