David & Kathy Mannon – International Students, Inc.

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David & Kathy Mannon – International Students, Inc.

David & Kathy Mannon

International Students, Inc.
NMBC support since 2010

We have been raising support to serve God full-time for the last two years. In September, 2010, we received approval to move to the Rutgers area and begin leading the staff and volunteers while we build the rest of our support team.

The ministry to international students at Rutgers is largely based on friendship evangelism. God has given us the blessing of seeing some students make professions of faith in Christ.

One of my goals for the ministry is that we become more intentional in disciple-making. We have a burden for raising up student leaders and equipping them to use their gifts to serve other internationals. Many of these students will become leaders in their home culture once they graduate. Imagine the influence they could have for God’s kingdom!

There is great potential to expand the ministry because Rutgers is home to about 3,500 international students and visiting scholars from over 100 nations. We want to see people “from every tribe, tongue and nation” giving praise and honor to Jesus Christ. That is why we want to intentionally reach out to various student groups on campus.

We are praying that God would bring us contacts from Hindu and Muslim student groups whom we can befriend for His glory.

For more information go to www.isiwebnet.net/sites/DavidMannon

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