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We know being a teenager is difficult! The world is a complicated and a confusing place. This is exceptionally true for the life of a student. Pastor Nick and the student ministry adult leaders have committed to building relationships with teenagers and sharing how Jesus has changed their lives! It is our desire to point students to Jesus, as well as connect with parents to be a resource and lifeline as your son/daughter enters adulthood.

Our hope is that as students interact with one another and our leaders they would get to know that Jesus loves them, and has a purpose for their lives. During our time together we are constantly reminding the students that they are loved, there is hope, and Jesus provides true life and peace. These are the truths that we have discovered in God’s Word, the Bible.

We also believe that a student’s teenage years are foundational, character forming, and an important time of transitioning from a child to an adult. These years are no doubt a challenge, but we believe they can be the most rewarding for both students and parents. As a church family we desire to assist and come along side families to encourage and equip you to engage your son/daughter so that they can develop personal faith, as well as navigate adolescence.

NMBC believes that in community individuals, especially students, can be challenged to pursue God whole-heartedly. Each week there are age specific (Middle School Group & High School Group) outreaches where students can come to be with friends and leaders to hear about the Good News of Jesus. These groups exist for students who have a relationship with God, as well as students who may be skeptical of placing their faith in God.

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For any questions about our mid-week groups, Sunday Bible study, or any other events, service projects, or retreats please feel free to reach out to Pastor Nick,

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