High School Group

High School Group (HSG) – Thursday 6:30-9 pm

HSG exists for High School aged students (9-12th grade) to build healthy friendships with friends. Every time HSG meets, we share with the students that all of the leaders are Christians (getting to know Jesus has changed our lives! – we love sharing that with everyone we meet!), and even some of the students are as well. Our hope is that students would be open to hearing about who Jesus is (we encourage students each week to listen to what we discuss and then choose to respond to what has been shared however they like)! Teens do not have to believe anything to attend our youth group, all we ask is that they be respectful, and be willing to hear about Jesus’ great love for them.

Every Thursday night we enjoy a meal together starting at 6:30pm, play games, sing songs, and spend time reading the Bible together as one of the leaders shares a lesson they have prepared.

HSG is a place where we encourage students who have a relationship with Jesus to invite their friends and introduce them to who God is!  Newcomers are always welcomed every week!

*During the summer weeks, HSG meets at 7:00-9:00 pm. During the summer, dinner is not served, but we always have plenty of delicious “schnaaaacks!”

For any questions about our mid-week groups, Sunday Bible study, or any other events, service projects, or retreats, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Nick,  nick@nmbchurch.org.

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